1. blackmagics:

    I know how you feel, buddy. Better luck next chest.

    (I’ve been playing a bit of Nuclear Throne lately. I love Paul Veer's designs + all of Justin Chan's promotional art. Top notch game all around.)

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  5. mikeatron:

    So I got a Cintiq. It may work out nicely.

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  7. fingerlesgloves:

    The Ballad of Dark Homer

    KC Green of Gunshow

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  8. A bunch of shirts I have made up for sale!


  9. That’s what she said.

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    ** REBLOG AND WIN ** The Ultimate Megapack for Photoshop has been updated and now contains over 100 brushes for the same discounted price as the original pack. 

    This is my best-selling set and it includes a wide range of incredibly realistic pencils, inks, gouache, oil and acrylic brushes, as well as some FX brushes, erasers, blenders and smudge tools. There is even a perspective grid brush.

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    Thanks for the support, artist friends, and happy painting to all!

    2 more days, friends! 

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    Tomorrow is the day!

  11. nachofeet:

    It’s like a pun or something?

  12. nachofeet:

    Gotta Go Fast.

    I reworked this drawing and made it on to a t-shirt.

    Check it out: here. It is available in a variety of colors and sizes!

  13. nachofeet:

    I made a pun or something. I make myself sad.

  14. kyletwebster:


    REBLOG and win a free set! The most true-to-life watercolor brushes ever created for Photoshop, available right here, Friends: Kyle’s Real Watercolors for Photoshop. KYLEBRUSH.COM

    40 brushes with realistic watercolor effects - no added textures, overlays or filters are required. Simply choose a brush and start painting.

    Three Tumblr users who reblog this post will be selected as winners on Sunday, March 23rd.

    Last day …

  15. Color Bear by JTO,

    Website: mymetalhand.com
    Tumblr: JTOJTO
    deviantART: my-metal-hand