1. retazosdered:

    Robert Crumb

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  3. hairandbrokenglasses said: a comic drawn by a dog


  4. matthew-houston:

    light recon sketch

  5. emmelinedraws:

    Eee! Advance copies of What Katy Did arrived today.  I illustrated this cover for Egmont Publishing back in November. They look GORGEOUS! http://emmelineillustration.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/what-katy-did-cover-illustration-for.html

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    Select Your Heroes: TMNT by Christopher Lee / Tumblr / Store

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    A sneak peak of one of our Adult Swim shorts featuring special guest animators Charles Huettner and Andrew Onorato.

    I animated this shot!

  9. zoroko:

    What the heck did I just watch

    and why do I love it

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  10. jamespdavies:

    Guess what? CAT.

  11. First real illustration I did this year.

  12. If you have cats you’ll understand.


  13. depthmental:

    I’ve just released my first ever book!  It was a long time coming but I finally did it. :)  It’s on sale in e-book and physical format.  I hope you guys enjoy it!

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    #unicorn by #jto #jefftowens