1. kylesmart:

    Heres my piece for tonights 85th anniversary show for Popeye at the Hero Complex Gallery in LA.  There’s some great people involved, so go check it out.

    I based my piece on my favourite Popeye cartoon- Man On The Flying Trapeze. Swine that he is. 

  3. fargalex:

    Underbird enjoying a sunset

  5. truthsyrup:

    matt furie. classic

  6. eatsleepdraw:

    The French Village Build Up! 

    Also available as a print :)



  7. neverbrushmyteeth:

                       Original Sumi ink on Wooden Panel Painting for sale.

               check shop:


  8. jeremykaye:


    Coming this September.

    Throwin’ an oldie at ya!

    Not much to say, still chugging along with the book and other things behind the scenes. Gonna have a new strip up later in the week!

  9. the plague
    the betrayed
    the quiet
    the loud


    Loosely inspired by the Chinese zodiac. I kinda wanna do all 12 now…

  10. heavybreakfast:

    Ugly Boy #4

  11. gunshowcomic:

    mmmnnnn Check Pleaassee!!!!

    Tuesday!! Woahhh… Then Thursday for a new one! Crap that means I gotta make another comic now CRAP!!!!!

  12. deep-dark-fears:

    An anonymous fear submitted for deep dark fears.

  13. jonburgerman:

    Cauliflower looks into your soul #itsgreattocreate #jonburgerman

  14. timecowboy:

    Teen Dog #1 came out and it’s been a super busy time since then, I think people really liked it which is so great! Thanks so much if you bought it and thanks to those who tweeted/posted pics of themselves or their dogs (or fish!) reading it, i thought that was super cool!

    Here is the cover for Issue #2 (sans text) which comes out next month!

  15. New shirt/sticker for sale!

    Grab on at my Redbubble storefront!